Our project management courses are aligned with the most current industry standard developed by the Project Management Institute (PMI) and utilize PMI's A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide), Sixth Edition (Project Management Institute, Inc., 2017).

We understand that each individual is different from the other with respect to their schedule, commitment, IQ level and background, hence we tailor our roadmap which ranges between 45 and 60 days to ease your PMP journey

As a PMI education provider, The PM Geek meets all standards set by PMI to issue professional development units (PDUs) for our courses.

When investing in your career you should never sacrifice quality for a lower price. We strongly believe that “The PM Geek” provides the best value for your investment.

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Sharan Shankar

Director (MBA,USA)

Kavyashree NR


Rajashekar Prabhakar


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About us

Our Mission Statement

To deliver professional coaching, educational guidance and on-going support to professionals who aspire to excel in project management domain.

Our Vision Statement

  • To leverage our student’s talent and potential to the best of their ability.
  • To coach and inspire our students to reach their professional goals.
  • To create an environment that challenges and motivates our students.
  • To accomplish your goals faster and easily, with less stress.
  • Ensure 100% First Attempt Pass Rate
  • To boost the morale of our students to help them face the examination with courage and conviction by providing high-end coaching to learn and unlearn.
  • To impart value-based, quality education to meet the demands of the challenging Examination.

Our Philosophy

  • Employ the best subject matter experts in the industry.
  • Offer highly effective courseware to ensure that your time is invested wisely.
  • Better learning through daily live-sessions.
  • Competitive pricing with quality that remains unmatched.
  • Design a customized roadmap for each student to leverage their success.
  • Provide incredible 24/7 support from our SME’s with an SLA of 12 hours.
  • Set realistic expectations with the student as we believe our exam prep tools are unmatched in quality and effectiveness, we also know that it is up to the student to apply.
  • Measure our students progress to understand how ready he/she is for the real thing.

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“I was seeking for a mentor to help me through the last 4 weeks of my PMP journey and I was fortunate to come across Raj and receive tips, resources and support from him. While I was a nervous wreck (like anyone would be at that point), he gave me the confidence that I could clear my PMP in my very first attempt and helped me frame the 30 day realistic roadmap to embrace the brass ring.Raj earns my highest recommendation as an ideal coach for all future PMP aspirants”

Deepthi Sharma Shah PMP®

Source: Recommendations

“Raj’s dedication and passion to mentor PMP aspirants helped me achieve my PMP within 75 days of my journey. He helped me to view the PMP questions from a non engineering projects perspective. His passion and commitment were beneficial to me and I strived to match his level of commitment towards Project Management. This leveraged me to raise up to the expectations of PMP testing system and I cleared exam on August 20, 2019. I thank Raj and recommend him to continue his mentorship with the same passion and zeal as a contribution to PM fraternity.”

Sivaraman Rajendran PMP®

Source: Recommendations

“I would like to recommend Raj as an excellent PMP coach with advanced Project Management Professional Certification Exam expertise. During my 12 weeks of PMP journey with him he did a fantastic job in upscaling me for the big day! Raj exuded personal warmth, a commendable sense of humor and demonstrated his passion towards supporting PMP aspirants through knowledge transfer as an SME and sharing his lessons learned which really helped in building a strong connection with me and helped me in being focused to crack the PMP certification exam. His continual support has helped me in building up my confidence acted as a catalyst to excel in my PMP examination. I would strongly recommend Raj’s Mentorship for all PMP Aspirants to steer your preparation in the right direction and avoid duplication of efforts. I would also like to wish him well in his career in the years ahead and say that would undoubtedly be an asset to the organization or firm he is associated with.”

Vikas Shrivastava PMP®

“More than a coach or a trainer we would need a good mentor to tell where you stand in your journey. It’s the last phase of PMP journey I have come across PM Geek and mentor assigned is Raja... again it’s a small span, he helped me to build my confidence and concentrate on areas of concerns. He is the one of the top 5 in the list who wished that I would achieve this milestone. thanks for the efforts and support. ”

Shanti Ranjan PMP®

“It's rare that you come across a talented mentor like, Raj. I got in touch with him at the fag end of my "Mission PMP" journey. His PM skills, experience, last minute tips and, most importantly having the faith and confidence in me, made a huge difference. I can proudly say that he made a significant and valuable contribution towards my journey to be a Proud PMP now!.”

Sushmit Sinha PMP®

“I got connected to Raj through a common connection. I took mentoring and help from Raj to get PMP certified. Raj has got great clarity and knowledge on "project management", PMP certification process (preparation, exam). His recommended reading list for PMP exam perfectly appealed to me. He is clear on what to read, what not to read. Raj, A crisp communicator, thorough professional in whatever he does. He ran a voluntary PMP study group and guided multiple other PMP certification aspirants. Last but not least he did all this as a voluntary activity without any profit. Feeling great that I connected with you Raj and happily expressing these words as a fellow PMP.”

Suresh Babu PMP®

“I cleared my PMP on the 17th of August. Raj played a very important role in my PMP Journey as a mentor who pushed me beyond my limits and a good friend who understood my personal constraints as well. The roadmap shared by him and continuous feedback on my progress helped me in bridging the gaps and gearing me up for the big day. With 15 days left for the exam my mock scores were trending in the 60’s but his mentorship helped me scale up to the 80’s. I would give him all the credit sharing his roadmap (acted as a benchmark) and lessons learned (helped me in doing the right thing) which contributed to my success. I bet that there are not many mentors out there like him and I strongly recommend Raj as a mentor for all PMP aspirants.”

Kalyani Rajkarne PMP®

“While I was clueless about my readiness for the PMP exam one of the PMP aspirants that I came across through social media recommended Raj. I began my Mentorship journey with him on the 2nd of September 2019 when I have just 15 days left for my examination. While my initial full mock exam scores (recommended by him) was low, I was considering postponing my exam. However, his road map, guidance and motivation helped me in bridging the gaps within the short span and I was able to clear my PMP exam in the 1st attempt. I would like to thank him for his kindness and patience and would definitely recommend him to all PMP aspirants.”

Crystal Ho PMP®

“It’s my pleasure and honor to write recommendation to Mr. Rajashekar Prabhakar. He helped student community in our university to excel in all PMI certifications. He is best in industry who knows all the concepts in project management, his eyes to detail has helped lot of students to become effective leaders. He devotes himself to position with high degree of diligence and discipline. I particularly appreciate his willingness to take initiatives and help others in professional manner. He is humble, compassionate, hard worker, team player, enthusiastic and embrace changes. He is definitely tremendous asset to any organization he works for. I wish him good luck for all his future endeavors. ”

Krishna Priya Vinodh Kumar CAPM®

“ I've had the pleasure of having Kavya as the main group instructor for the PMP Geek Training sessions. She is sharp, focused, and honestly knows the subject taking great passion in what she does and shares. She began each session punctually, displayed dedication and integrity, and engaged her students who were virtually poised throughout the globe. Anyone who is fortunate to work or learn from her experience is very fortunate to have her on their team.”

Darlene M Johnson

“It is my honor to share that I came across Kavyashree, a great tutor and mentor, during my pmp preparation time. She have depth knowledge of the subject and excellent command over the project management topics. During the time, her guidance and motivation was very helpful to me. There was always one door open for me when I stuck in any topic or any doubt, just reach to her and within few minutes I got command over the topics. The way she guide me is exactly what I required and has helped me earn my PMP with efforts in the right direction. I recommend her if you are a PMP Aspirant! ”

Ritesh Mistry, PMP®